• July 20, 2020

Vape THC – The New Craze in Town

Cannabis has been consumed across the world in a variety of forms, the latest being the vaporised version. Being very easy to use, discreet to handle and considered by many to be a relatively healthier option than tobacco, this new vaporised version of cannabis is finding widespread acceptance very fast.  One of the reasons for this rising popularity of vaporised cannabis is that it is available in lots of flavours to suit different pallets. Get the best Mumbai escorts for your vacation.

A study conducted in the United States in 2018 confirms that after alcohol, marijuana is the second most consumed psychotropic drug.  It was also revealed that more than 11.8 million young adults had consumed marijuana in some form or the other that year.

All about Vaporiser

Vaporiser is a device that converts a concentrate into vapour form which can be easily inhaled. Cannabis flowers or the concentrate when heated inside the vaporiser chamber produces vapours which are inhaled by the user to obtain the desired effect. One advantage of the vaporiser is that it does not burn the concentrate or the cannabis flowers which prevents the formation of carcinogenic compounds, tar or other harmful gases. The electronic components inside the vaporisers ensure that the temperature is maintained just right so that the concentrate does not burn but releases its vapours. The entire activity is smokeless which allows the user to continue in a discreet manner.

To suit different needs, these vaporisers are available in a variety of forms like table-top versions, mobile vaporisers or even in the form of a Vape pen. They are even made of plastic or metal and come in a variety of colours to match user preference. A vaporiser is a self-powered device with an in-built battery unit. The vaporiser is smart enough to get activated only when it senses that the user has sucked air through the mouthpiece. It then activates the heating element which releases vapours from the concentrate that get mixed with the air which is inhaled by the user. This process of heating the concentrate and release of vapour is almost instantaneous and the user can inhale the vapours in the first breath itself.

About Vape THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary constituent of cannabis which makes it a psychotropic substance. Vape THC is the modern avatar of THC specifically meant for users who do not wish to consume cannabis in its tradition form. Also called as juice, Vape THC is very easy to handle and convenient to consume. Often found in a liquid form, this juice consists of ingredients like cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, all of which are extracted from fresh marijuana flowers. The process of extracting these ingredients from marijuana is quite complex and generally involves the use of carbon dioxide or alcohol as solvents. This complex process leads to the creation of a highly concentrated liquid which can easily be converted to vapour when heated at a particular temperature. The Vape pen’s heating chamber is capable of achieving this temperature almost instantaneously.

THC quantum in Vape

THC is a well-known psychoactive substance. It is the presence of THC that gives the high associated with cannabis. Usually the dry buds of cannabis contain about 20% THC. However, when these buds are processed and Vape juice is made out of it, then the concentration level of THC can be increased to as high as 90%. Thus Vape THC offers far higher concentration of THC than ordinary cannabis. Moreover, Vape THC is devoid of any inconvenience like handling issues, smoke or ash that are normally associated with cannabis. Also, as there is no burning involved, no smoke is produced. This eliminates the possibility of inhaling tar and any other carcinogens.

Highlights of Vape THC

There are a lot of advantages associated with Vape THC when compared with ordinary cannabis. Some of the important ones are:

  • Smokeless: Since there is no burning, no smoke is created.
  • Different flavours: Unlike its conventional form, a variety of flavours can be added to Vape THC to suit different tastes.
  • Discreet: Being smokeless, Vape THC can be consumed very discreetly without anyone getting disturbed from it.
  • Very effective: Being highly concentrated, very small amount of Vape THC is needed to achieve the same effect that too in a very small duration of time.
  • Convenient: Unlike a conventional cigarette, Vape pens are very convenient to carry, recharge and refill. They also do not any create mess like ash.

While the US FDA has approved the usage of THC based medicines in certain cases of cancers and other diseases, the jury is still out on allowing its use in other diseases as well as under normal circumstances. This is primarily due to the abysmally low amount of research being currently undertaken on these substances. Lower research has led to a very low level of understanding about these substances, its benefits and effects over the body. On the contrary, it has led to the rise of a lot of ill-conceived notions about such substances. While research has increased in the recent past, a lot of ground still remains to be covered. But the fact remains that due to the variety of flavours and convenience offered, Vape THC continues to show a very strong growth across the world. It is this convenience that is making Vape THC the recreational substance of choice for millions worldwide.

  • July 16, 2020

How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD oil has emerged as one of the most promising supplement for curing a host of anomalies in our daily lives. Unfortunately, the industry being very young, there is a lot of confusion and lack of accurate information floating around. There are thousands of experts who have written on CBD oil and its goodness, but not many have commented upon its dosage. This is an attempt to make it simpler for you to arrive at the right dosage and the process to be followed to be get the best out of your efforts.

Let us start with the bad news first!

  • There is no standard dose in CBD
  • CBD oil being a natural product, it comes in different potency making standardization difficult.
  • Unlike conventional medicine, there is no standard prescribed dose volume that you can take to cure a particular problem.

Now that we have given you the bad news first, it is time for some good news.

You can arrive at the exact CBD oil volume to be taken with the help of the following information:

  1. What is the concentration/ potency of CBD oil?
  2. How much do you weigh?
  3. How does your body react to the dose?
  4. How serious is the condition being treated?

Concentration / Potency of the CBD oil:

Let’s say, you have a tincture bottle with you which holds 50 ml of tincture in it. The label on the bottle says that there is 1500 mg of CBD in it. In most cases, every tincture bottle comes with a dropper. Generally, one drop from this dropper measures an average 1 ml. This means the bottle will normally have 50 such drops (1 drop = 1 ml, 50 drops = 50 ml). Now since CBD oil is homogenously mixed with the alcohol of the tincture, every drop has 30 mg of CBD oil in it (1500 mg/ 50 drops = 30 mg/drop)

The quantity of CBD in every drop may vary depending upon the volume of the bottle and the total quantity of CBD oil present in it. So, apply some simple maths and you can arrive at the volume of CBD oil per drop in a jiffy.

Your body weight:

The quantum of CBD oil required is directly proportional to your weight. Unfortunately, the scientific community is yet to arrive at the exact quantity required. However, there exists a rule of thumb which people generally use. It says that an individual needs approximately between 1 to 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. Also, depending upon the pain levels, this number may be higher. The following table will give you a better idea.

Remember, this is just an indicative table and not a prescribed dose chart. Every individual needs to arrive at his/ her own dosage after multiple trials.

Your body’s reaction

CBD oils have been found to be effective in managing the following:

  • Managing insomnia and related sleep disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer related symptoms
  • Skin care
  • Heart care
  • Brain and other neurological symptoms

This is not comprehensive since a lot of research is yet to happen in this field. While people find CBD oil to be very effective in managing these conditions, some may experience some discomfort in the initial period.

CBD oils have a very bitter taste and a very strong nutty smell. While there is no evidence of any permanent or life-threatening side effects, some people complain of diarrhoea, abrupt change in body weight or fatigue in short runs. However, these are generally short-lived and the body soon returns to normal. As of now, there is no known long-term side-effect of CBD oil.

Normally, you should begin with the smallest possible dose, say one drop. Continue to use one drop a day for a week or so and see how you feel. Increase the dose or frequency only when you start getting comfortable with this minimum quantity.

Severity of the condition

The severity of the condition has a direct impact on the quantity of CBD oil used in every dose. As a first step, you should always consult your doctor before you take the first dose. In case you have a medical condition and are already on some medication for it, then it is important that you speak with your doctor without fail. However, if your doctor is unable to advise you, then we suggest that you start with the lowest possible dose. After a weeklong usage, you will know the way your body reacts and will also know whether you need to increase the dose further. After a week, increase the dose marginally by say 5 mg and study the result once more. Again after a weeklong trial, increase the dose by another 5 mg. You will arrive at the exact quantity after multiple “trial & error” experiments. But we can safely say that you will require larger doses, if your medical condition is severe.

Fortunately, there are no known long-term side-effects to CBD. However, you may you may experience some non-life threatening side effects in the initial period but they too are short-lived.

CBD oil is one supplement where research has still not happened to the extent required. While everybody seems to acknowledge the benefits, research is still inadequate. Hence, the only option left for you is to start with the minimum possible dose and increase it in steps till such a point that you are comfortable.

So, if you are planning to start CBD oil supplements in your pursuit of a healthy life, then we recommend that you start small. Remember, experience is your best teacher. It is only your experience that will guide you to reach that golden quantity where you will experience bliss!

  • September 27, 2019

Why Magento Is a Great Platform for B2B ECommerce Stores?

Over a period of time, people’s shopping inclinations have significantly been changed. Thanks to today’s high tech world, the general public now gives preference to online shopping as compared to traditional retail shopping.

And with so many individuals choosing to shop online, offline businesses are leaving no stone unturned to build a robust ecommerce platform that would provide their customers with an all-in-one shopping experience.

Magento for B2B ecommerce is a popular program chosen by many because the platform offers advanced features to suit online stores. To make things easier and have everything assembled in just one place, you can also incorporate ERP or CRM with the Magento backend system.

By incorporating Magento 2 ecommerce solutions, you can boost your business proficiency by providing a top-notch brand experience to your B2B customers scattered across the globe. This latest Magento version also offers shipping options and enhanced payment selections.

B2B ECommerce

There are many benefits of using Magento; for instance, B2B ecommerce businesses can use this program to fully automate the entire shipping process. Enlisted below are some of the major advantages of using Magento.

  1.     It is easy to order in bulk

Ecommerce has accomplished to make a complete self-service scenario. As per a popular research, B2B customers have already covered 57% of their buying choices before reaching out to a company representative.

 Of course, online stores do require sales representatives for customers, but with the latest tech trends, this process too has been simplified. Quick and easy order experiences make the whole bulk ordering setup a cakewalk. 

This process can especially become easier when the ecommerce platform is specifically developed by keeping in mind the unique and refined features that a particular business needs.

  1.     It offers a one-stop shop

Magento B2B ecommerce has all the features that a company might need to launch a smooth online store. Using this, businesses won’t just be able to offer multiple brands through key accounts and channel partners but also manage all these accounts flawlessly. 

As mentioned earlier, by quickly integrating the Magento B2B ecommerce site with ERP and CRM solution, organizations can leverage the self-service facility to track quotes, manage online credit, and view detailed order histories of their customers.

  1.     Presenting customer segmentation

The best business strategy does not involve offering buyers with a uniform buying experience, notwithstanding the buyer’s requirement size or industry type. 

Most of the times, the kind of online buying experience that appeals to a particular segment of buyers may not necessarily appeal to other buyers. However, by incorporating Magento, you have the liberty to undertake customer segmentation, and specially formulate experiences that can cater to a specific group of companies or buyers, as per their browsing behavior or purchasing history.

By using Magento, businesses can divide their customers on the basis of product reviews, the total value of products, products in cart, the number of items in the cart, and more.

B2B ECommerce 1

  1.     Smart inventory management

Magento has a smart inventory management feature that allows businesses to enhance their operations and manage orders effectively from all the sales channels. 

As Magento provides real-time inventory information across the entire supply chain, companies can easily optimize their delivery costs and duration of time. 

All in all, businesses can allow their distributors to understand the amount of inventory they have across multiple locations. By doing all this, businesses can have a better experience with their distributors and increase their sales. 

  1.     More payment options

Limited payment options have always been a point of concern for purchases in B2B and B2C business models. Experts suggest that offering a variety of payment options can make it easier for customers to check out. 

Most B2C ecommerce platforms have plenty of payment options. But such a case is difficult for B2B ecommerce platforms because customers here require wholesale deals in bulk, worth lots of money. 

Using Magento 2, businesses can now experience more refined payment options. The program provides a native functionality that can extend credit options to individual customers.

B2B ECommerce 3

Final words

Undoubtedly now, Magento has become one of the best open-source platforms suitable for B2B ecommerce options. With the help of Magento, not only can online store merchants have more control over their sites but buyers too can enjoy an improved overall purchasing experience.

All you have to do now is find the best of expert Magento developers available to expand your ecommerce business.